St. Luke's United Methodist Church
Thursday, November 14, 2019
The Friendly Church

Fall Study Series

Short-Term Bible Study

5 Weeks

Sept 7-Oct 6

Sundays (4pm-5pm)



Fall Sunday Bible Studies
During our initial Vibrant Church Initiative exploration, one area we decided that we wanted to grow in was opportunities to engage in deeper Bible Studies that connect scripture to our daily life.  We have several great ways to be involved in Bible Study at St. Luke’s already, but we wanted to offer an easier way to get connected to scripture. Our fall Bible Study will be 5-weeks long and is designed for people of all ages.  From 4pm until 5pm adults, youth and    children will all have opportunities to grow and explore in scripture. After the Bible Study is over each week we encourage you to go and share a meal with others from the study and have a time of fellowship and fun. These 5-week studies will happen throughout the fall and spring and give a great way to be involved in a Bible Study without a long term commitment.  



The Adult Study during the fall will be focused on your personality and how that affects your faith.  Have you ever wondered why it seems so hard to read scripture when others around you seem to have no problem? Or why sitting and meditating leads to unexpected nap time, but others will swear by it?  Each of us encounters our faith and God in different ways and this study will use the Enneagram to help us understand more about how we can use our personality to grow in faith.


Sr. High

Sr. High Youth will begin a 5 week Sunday afternoon Bible study titled "Plugged In". This study will take place from 4-5pm  Sunday, September 8th through Sunday, October 6th.  As Christians, we're designed to be connected to God at all times--to be "plugged in" to the source. In this small group curriculum, Doug Fields takes on the challenge of getting students interested and excited about staying connected to God. Every student is going to blaze an     incredible path in their life, and this series will show them how they can be "plugged in" every step of the way--and the amazing difference it will make. Make plans to attend and invite a friend!


Jr. High

A five week Jr. high girls and boys separate Bible studies starting on Sundays, September 8 to October 6.

The Jr. High girls will be studying from the book “We saved you a seat”.  The boys is TBA.



The children will meet with Mrs. Niki to experience the Bible through hands-on activities and crafts.


**Nursery Care is available upon request.

Please contact Niki Chowdhury for more information.