St. Luke's United Methodist Church
Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Organization of Single Governing Board

Organization of Single Governing Board

Board of Stewards

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

 The Senior Pastor or the District Superintendent shall be present at all meetings unless he or she voluntarily excuses him or herself.  The Board may meet with the District Superintendent without the Senior Pastor present as long as the Senior Pastor is informed in advance of such a meeting and shall be brought into consultation immediately thereafter in accordance with ¶258.2e.

All meetings of the Board of Stewards shall be open to any member of the church in accordance with ¶722.  The Board of Stewards may enter into executive or closed session to consider personnel matters, staff salary discussions, potential litigation, contract negotiations and other items allowed in ¶722.

The first 15 minutes of each meeting will be open for any person to come and speak. If no one is present the meeting will continue on with the agenda. The Chair of the Board of Stewards will be responsible for ensuring that each person has time to speak within the available 15 minutes.

The Board of Stewards has the ability to bring other members or staff into the meetings to consult on particular areas, but they will have voice only with no vote.  

The Board of Stewards may create other committees, sub-committees, and task forces from time to time as needed.

Before the Board of Stewards can make a decision on a project that will cost more than $30,000, they must first have a Town Hall meeting to communicate with and listen to the congregation.

In the event of a tie decision by the Board of Stewards, there will be a called Town Hall meeting to discuss the issue and ensure that the Board of Stewards is acting in the best interest of the church.  

The Board of Stewards will ensure that between meetings the agenda of upcoming meetings and the minutes from previous meetings are communicated effectively to the congregation.  

Members of the Board of Stewards

2019    Brenda Culpepper

     Ginny Anderson

     Billie Sue Mims

Misty Tuck

2020    Daniel Shipman

     Danny Harrison

     Kathy Brown

Bill Bryant

2021    Randy Gaut

     TJ Gillen-Hall

     Dennis Ellis

Andrea McGilvary

Chair of the Board: Kristi Boone

Endowment Chair: Michael Barnard

Lay Leader: Nominations is still working to determine

Nominations Team

2019  Milton Frazier

Mac Monday

2020  Anthony Boone

Anna Rohde

2021 Dan Cross

Carol Grimes