St. Luke's United Methodist Church
Saturday, July 04, 2020
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Short-Term Bible Study

Spring Short-term Bible Study

Sunday’s (4:00pm-5:00pm)

February 9-March 8

Our Spring 5-Week Study is coming up and we have several studies to offer. We will have lessons for children, youth and adults.  This Spring we will have two adult Bible Studies for you to choose from.



Ready to Launch

Leader: Pastor Ben

Do you feel like life is busy and you are struggling to slow down? Are you trying to figure out how to juggle work, children and all of life’s other demands?  Join us during this study as we look at scriptural approaches for how we can be present in every moment and be good models for our children and teens.




Leader: George & Sue Jones
Study Scripture with N.T. Wright! Have you noticed how sometimes you have a story in the back of your mind that keeps coming up, even when you're talking about something else? In Ephesians, throughout its worship, prayers and instructions for living, Paul can't contain his joy and amazement at the larger story of God's plan to save us in Jesus the Messiah. These eleven studies from N.T. Wright will help us see the significance of our role in God's grand narrative, and encourage us to live more fully as people who are lavishly loved by God.



Sr. High Youth

What does that word mean to you? Your own car? Summer break? Graduation? No stress?

No matter how you define freedom, it's probably something you want. Because freedom allows you to truly live as you truly are.

Now think about this: What would freedom look like in your relationship with God? That's tougher to answer, isn't it? For most of us, God and freedom don't go together naturally. Our thoughts typically drift to words like obedience, discipline, and good behavior. And while those are great things, what if God actually wants something more for us? Something better?

That's what Live Free is all about: discovering something better.

This five-week Bible study will give you a glimpse into Paul's journey from religion to relationship. You'll discover how an encounter with Jesus forever changed Paul's view of God, other people, and the world.

Because of Jesus, Paul learned to live free.

And so can you.


Jr High Youth

The Jr High girls will be led by Misty Lewis and will be studying “Can You Relate?” dealing with how to handle relationships with parents, friends, boys, and most importantly God.  The Jr High boys will be studying strong male role models from the bible led by Trey Rathbun. 



The children will be learning about Gadgets and Gizmos, lessons filled with fascinating stories, interesting tidbits, and practical tips about God's creation, their uniqueness, and how to use their own unique creativity to love God and others.