St. Luke's United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 29, 2020
The Friendly Church

Sunday School

Rock Solid - Building a Heart of Faith

Each Sunday, the lessons from the curriculum Rock Solid go beyond teaching knowledge of God and the Bible.  Children will personally come to know God through Jesus Christ and make the Bible a part of their everyday lives.  The children are inspired to learn what faith feels like through being nurtured by trusted examples of faithful living.  Through Rock Solid, the children will explore the Bible through storybooks, skill-appropriate activities, engaging faith songs, and other activities that encourage faith-filled friendships and community development.  A take-home activity is also provided to bring the Bible story into the children's daily lives.

Sunday School Objectives:

  • Experience the awe and mystery of God’s love.
  • Identify themselves as children of God.
  • Respond to God's love by making a commitment to God through Jesus Christ.
  • Know the Bible and make its stories, people, passages, and verses a part of their lives.
  • Learn skills for using the Bible so that its message can be accessible to all.
  • Grow in discipleship, exploring the call of God, the teachings of Jesus, and the witness of the church.
  • Value the diversity among persons, recognizing the contributions that the variety of gifts offer.

    Children's Classes:

    Two's and Three's               
    Four's and PreK                          
    Kindergarten and First Grade                                      
    Second and Third Grade                                      
    Fourth and Fifth Grade                         
    All the Children's Sunday School classes will meet in the Children's Courtyard classrooms which are labeled according to the children's ages.

  • For more information about children's Sunday School classes contact Niki Chowdhury at