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Monday, August 03, 2020
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The Lions, the Switch, and the Warm Robes Helps!

Read and Click the links below to get the help you need!
Time Frame:  May/June 2020


What it will look like:

Example link (sort of)


Our virtual choir will be rather unique with the whole musical going virtual!



Here is how this will work to get that nice “virtual choir” product!


Choir members will:

  • Practice your songs and movements at home with the videos online (try to practice with headphones if you can)
  • If I contact you about a solo, you will also practice your solo (no special movements on solos)
  • If you have been assigned a speaking part, practice and memorize your lines at home. Scripts available at link way below if you lost yours!
  • Go ahead NOW and schedule individual Zoom practice next week with me.
    Click here to schedule practice
    - one time slot if you don't have speaking parts
    - two time slots if you do have speaking parts (slots do not have to be together)
    ***sign up link***
  • Schedule a recording time
    Click here to schedule recording time
    Starting on June 4, we will be recording! I am asking each of you to come to the church one family at a time to do this. I will have a "green screen" set up for this. We will be in the gym where ventilation is great. I ask that you keep social distancing while here. 
  • Make sure you come to your recording session dressed according to your choir shirt color assignment
  • If you are recording speaking parts, also bring your costume(s) assigned


After all videos are recorded, I will put them all together into a virtual program. It will take a couple more weeks to get that part done. 

Use the following link to get to the music your choir member needs to practice:
If you have a speaking part and have lost your script, request another one below:
Choose your script:
Where I need my script sent (email or phone for text):
Costuming Information
For the recording of the songs all children will wear a red tee and blue pants.
red tee link: Red Tee Shirt on Amazon Prime (this one can be delivered quickly if you need to buy one)
For special parts, kids will wear the following:
Actor/Actress Character Costume(s)
Sadie Daisy 1. Everyday clothes 2. Jumpsuit**
Carson Ethan 1. Everyday clothes 2. Jumpsuit**
Brantley Jay 1. Everyday clothes 2. Jumpsuit**
Gabriel Patrick 1. Everyday clothes 2. Jumpsuit**
William Bagley Harry 1. Everyday clothes 2. Jumpsuit** Astronaut helmet,  minecraft looking suit
Laela Abdi Genie Costume**
Ethan Ahuni open vest, white shirt, dark pants (middle eastern trader look)
Riley Herald bright robe and turban
Sarah (Gracie) Shadrach biblical costume**
Presley Reader Use choir shirt and pants
Wesley King Neb king costume**
Wesley King Darias king costume**
Reaghan Lions dark or brown clothing - I have the rest
Caylee Lions same as above
Chance Lions same as above
Reaghan Flames loose red and/or orange cloths on arms, about 4 or 5
Caylee Flames same as above
Chance Flames same as above
**Ask Mr. James - he may have one!