Best answer: Why is it important that no dominant members supress other members of the same religion?

Why it is important that one religious community does not dominate another?

One religious community does not dominate another, This is important to prevent the tyranny of majority community. … The State does not enforce any particular religion nor take away the religious freedom of individuals. This ensures that the State continues to be a secular state.

Why is it important to separate religion from the State?

It is important to separate religion from the State. It helps a country to function democratically. against and persecute people belonging from other religious groups. This could result in discrimination, coercion and at times even killing of minorities.

What are the consequences of restricting religious freedom?

Restricting religious freedom forces Americans out of jobs and blocks organizations from providing social services desperately needed by their communities. It also endangers other civil liberties, including free speech, free association, and even economic freedom.

Why does State not interfere in religious matter?

Answer: The Indian State does not interfere in religious beliefs and practices of individuals and thus keeps away from religious affairs of the citizens. But when someone tries to disturb social harmony in the name of religion then the State has the right to intervene.

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Will the government intervene if some?

Answer: Yes, the Government can intervene if some religious group says that their religion allows them to practise infanticide. This is because the Indian Constitution clearly states that the Government has the right to intervene if there is a threat to social harmony.

What is the most important aspect of secularism?

As discussed above, the most important aspect of secularism is its separation of religion from State power. This is important for a country to function democratically. Almost all countries of the world will have more than one religious group living in them.

Who Cannot celebrate festivals of any particular religion to promote secularism?

The term ‘secularism’ refers to the separation of the power of religion from the power of the State. … Government schools cannot celebrate religious festivals because it will be a violation of the government’s policy of treating all religions equally.

How many of them pertain to different religions What does this indicate?

Many holidays on a school’s annual calendar pertain to different religions. This indicates that India is a secular country where religious freedom is granted to its citizens and all religions are equally respected.

What separation of church and state really means?

Separation of church and state is the idea that government should remain neutral toward all religions and not officially recognize or favor any one religion. In the separation of church and state, church refers to religion in general, while state refers to the government.

Why is it important to separate religion from the state Class 7?

According to the study material, religion should be kept separate from the State because: It enables the country to function democratically. The people belonging to the minority communities can otherwise be harmed by the domination of the majority and there can be an infringement of the Fundamental Rights.

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Why did church and state separate?

The separation of church and state was one of the legacies of the American and French revolutions at the end of the 18th century. It was achieved as a result of ideas arising from opposition to the English episcopal system and the English throne as well as from the ideals of the Enlightenment.