Frequent question: What does Smith mean in the Bible?

smith meaning in bible. President & Bible Teacher. He that makes or effects any thing.

What does the name Smith mean biblically?

The name refers to a smith, originally deriving from smið or smiþ, the Old English term meaning one who works in metal related to the word smitan, the Old English form of smite, which also meant strike (as in early 17th century Biblical English: the verb “to smite” = to hit).

What is Smith dictionary?

smith. / (smɪθ) / noun. a person who works in metal, esp one who shapes metal by hammering. (in combination)a silversmith.

What does a stand for in Bible?


Acronym Definition
BIBLE Basic Instructions Before Living Eternally
BIBLE Believer’s Instruction Before Leaving Earth
BIBLE Basic Instructional Book for Living Everyday
BIBLE Basic Instruction Book for Living on Earth

Why is Smith called smudger?

These included ‘Smudger’ Smith [due to a blacksmith being perpetually covered in smudge, or soot], ‘Dusty’ Miller [a grain miller being dusted in fine flour], ‘Nobby’ Clark [because clerks in the City of London used to wear Nobby hats, or tophats], ‘Pedlar’ Palmer [cartmen peddling their wares being sleight of hand], ‘ …

Does God refine us?

God sees us not full of impurity, but full of potential. He, in the refining imagery, is the refiner and we are the lump of unrefined gold, full of impurity and full of potential beauty. Sometimes we expect God simply zaps the junk out of our lives when we enter into relationship with him.

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Who was Noahs father?

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What is a Smith job?

A smith is someone whose job involves making things out of metal. Visit a historically accurate colonial village and you might see a smith making tools or nails by hand. Smith or smithy is shorthand for blacksmith, an artisan who hammers tools and other items out of hot iron or steel.