Frequent question: Who translated the Bible from English to Yoruba?

The Bible was translated into the Yoruba language by Samuel Ajayi Crowther. After being rescued from slavery by the British, Crowther was educated…

When was English Bible translated to Yoruba?

This 1850 edition of the Book of Romans, from the New Testament, is the first book of the Bible translated into Yoruba (a major language of Nigeria). The translator was Samuel Ajayi Crowther (c.

The Book of Romans in Yoruba.

Full title: The Epistle of Paul to the Romans, translated into Yoruba by the Rev. Samuel Crowther
Shelfmark: 3070.c.7

Where is Samuel Ajayi Crowther from?

Who brought the first Bible in Nigeria?

In May 1904, according to Chief Sorunke, Oba Gbadebo I, who succeeded his late father, Oba Okukenu paid a royal visit to England. King Edward VII then gave him a new Bible in replacement of the one given to Oba Okukenu by Queen Victoria. This Bible is now considered to be the first Bible ever in Nigeria.

Who is the first bishop in Africa?

Samuel Ajayi Crowther

The Most Reverend Samuel Ajayi Crowther
Crowther as bishop in 1867
Church Church of Nigeria
See Niger
In office 1864–1891
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