What denomination is one community church?

One Community Church, a non-denominational congregation, has moved into an existing campus complex and made it their own. A demand for worship growth was accommodated with the addition of a 1,800 seat worship room and 7,000 SF community lobby space.

What does one community church believe?

We believe in one God, Creator and the Lord of the universe, eternally existing in three-persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Why is church called community?

church, in Christian doctrine, the Christian religious community as a whole, or a body or organization of Christian believers. The Greek word ekklēsia, which came to mean church, was originally applied in the Classical period to an official assembly of citizens.

What do community churches do?

Community churches are regularly described as “of the people, for the people, and by the people.” Pastors in these congregations believe themselves commissioned to fulfill a particular task, that of reinterpreting the Gospels for Christians who no longer find denominational Protestantism satisfying to their needs.

What is the definition of a community church?

noun. an independent or denominational church in a particular community.

What does it mean when a church is non denominational?

A non-denominational church is a Christian church that holds no connection with the recognized denominations and mainline churches such as the Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, or Methodist churches. Church denominations are larger organizations that hold a particular identity, set of beliefs, and traditions.

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What denomination is Celebration Church Jacksonville FL?

Who is Pastor Stovall Weems?

Stovall Weems is the Global Senior Pastor of Celebration Church and President of Honey Lake Farms and AWKNG. Together with his wife, Kerri, Stovall launched Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida in 1998 with a vision of reaching people both in the city of Jacksonville and around the world.