What does Joanna mean in the Bible?

Joanna is a feminine given name deriving from Koinē Greek: Ἰωάννα, romanized: Iōanna from Hebrew: יוֹחָנָה‎, romanized: Yôḥānāh, lit. ‘God is gracious’. … The earliest recorded occurrence of the name Joanna, in Luke 8:3, refers to the disciple “Joanna the wife of Chuza,” who was an associate of Mary Magdalene.

What is the full meaning of Joanna?

Joanna Origin and Meaning

The name Joanna is a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “God is gracious”. Joanna derives from the Greek name Ioanna, which in turn came from the Hebrew name Yohannah. It is featured in the New Testament as a woman who accompanied Jesus on his travels and eventually reached saint status.

What is a nickname for Joanna?

Common Nicknames for Joanna: Hannah. Jo. Joan.

What is the male version of Joanna?

“Joanna” is a variation of “Ioanna” which is of Hebrew origine: יוֹחָנָה Yôḥānnāh meaning ‘God is gracious’. Male version “Ioan“.

Is Joanna a pretty name?

It’s a politely modest name with straightforward Christian origins (from John). Joanna is a pretty, three-syllable sound – a real lady-like name. For the little tomboys out there, this name can be shortened to Jo and Joey.

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Who was the female disciple?

“Apart from ‘the twelve’ there was Mary called Magdalene, Joanna and Suzanna. “Luke’s gospel says the women were providing for Jesus’s disciples ‘out of their own resources’.

Who is Susanna in the Bible Luke?

Susanna (/suˈzænə/, Greek: Σουσαννα, Sousanna) is one of the women associated with the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. Susanna is among the women listed in the Gospel of Luke at the beginning of the 8th chapter (8:1–3) as being one of the women who provided for Jesus out of their resources.

What name means gift from God?

Ian – Gaelic, meaning “a gift from the Lord.” Loreto – Italian, meaning “blessing or “miraculous.” Matthew – English, meaning “gift of God.” Miracolo – Italian, meaning “a miracle.”

Is Johanna a boy or girl?

Johanna is a feminine name, a variant form of Joanna that originated in Latin in the Middle Ages, including an -h- by analogy with the Latin masculine name Johannes.

What ethnicity is Johanna?

Being a professional model, Johanna modeled for lots of fashion and swimwear brands. She is also famous for making her appearance in the reality TV show ‘Bringing Up Ballers’.

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What does Joanna mean in Greek?

Joanna is a feminine given name deriving from Koinē Greek: Ἰωάννα, romanized: Iōanna from Hebrew: יוֹחָנָה‎, romanized: Yôḥānāh, lit. ‘God is gracious‘. Variants in English include Joan, Joann, Joanne, and Johanna. … In Greek this name became Ιωαννης Iōannēs, from which Iōanna was derived by giving it a feminine ending.

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What is a good middle name for Joanna?

Along with Elizabeth and Henry, middle names currently in the US Top 1000 for first names include Arden, Belle, Bowie, Claire, Jude, Nash, Orion, and River. Currently, popular middle names include Grace, James, Louise, and William.

When was the name Joanne popular?

A Top 100 name from the 1930s all the way through the 1950s, it’s now firmly in Mom — or Grandma — land and supplanted for babies by Joanna…..or even great-grandmother Josephine. In its heyday, it had a host of variations, including JoAnn and Jo-Anne.