What is the best race for priest in WOW?

Race % (1+ boss)
Blood Elf 23.1% (♂: 4.2% – ♀: 18.9%)
Human 12.9% (♂: 4.4% – ♀: 8.5%)
Void Elf 11.3% (♂: 2.3% – ♀: 9%)
Undead 9.2% (♂: 6.3% – ♀: 2.9%)

What race is good for priest?

Best Priest Races for Mythic+ Overall

Race Popularity
Blood Elf 23.21 %
Night Elf 12.51 %
Human 8.48 %
Void Elf 8.27 %

What Horde race is best for priest?

Best Horde Races for Discipline Priest PvP

  • Undead.
  • Blood Elf.

What race is best for Priest PvP?

Best Priest Races for PvP Overall

Race Popularity Win rate
Blood Elf 6.9 % 54.34 %
Pandaren 4.89 % 53.65 %
Human 4.31 % 54.11 %
Troll 2.3 % 56.11 %

What is the best class for priest?

The best profession for priest class is similar to the mages, you have two solid choices between Alchemy and Tailoring. Alchemy can provide you with options to further help keep you and your teammates alive, and late game elixirs for Raiding.

What race is best for Warlock horde?

Affliction Warlock PvP Best Races and Racials (Shadowlands / 9.1)

  • Human is the best Alliance race for Affliction Warlocks in PvP. …
  • Orcs are the best Horde race for Affliction Warlocks in PvP by a mile. …
  • Trolls are the second best choice for Horde Affliction Warlocks in PvP.
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Can Shadow Priest heal?

It is a common misconception that Shadow Priests are incapable of healing instances. As long as the Priest stays out of Shadowform and focuses on healing, he or she should be able to heal well enough to serve a group.

Are vulpera good for PvP?

Vulpera. Vulpera have a strong passive which reduces damage taken by 5% when initially taking damage. This is very good for Elemental Shaman because your positioning is usually very offensive trying to disrupt the enemy healer. If the enemy team decides to switch targets to you, you will take reduced damage.

Why can goblins be priests?

TIL goblins started the PTL Club. It’s pretty simple, the light is golden, goblins love gold, therefore goblins can be priests.

Is Draenei good for priest?

Shadow Resistance allows a draenei to take less damage from shadow spells. This could be useful if you’re dumb enough to keep casting spells against enemies with a reflect mechanism. … Cons: There aren’t many cons from a gameplay perspective — Draenei are a solid choice for a PVE shadow priest, especially.

What profession should I choose WoW Classic priest?

Enchanting. Most Priest players take Enchanting hand in hand with Tailoring. Whether you decide to heal primarily in PvE or PvP content, enchanters are able to enhance several gear slots in WoW Classic, giving this profession an edge over the others.

Which race is best for rogue?

Best Alliance Races for Assassination Rogues

  • Night Elf is the best race by far on Alliance. The active racial ability, Shadowmeld, has great synergy with the Rogue class. …
  • Human is the second best race on Alliance. …
  • Orc is the best race on Horde. …
  • Blood Elf is the second best race on Horde.
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