What is the biblical meaning of Perez?

Perez, in Hebrew means “breach or burst forth” and is named after the narrative of his birth as recorded in Genesis 38:29.

Who are the sons of Perez in the Bible?

What is the meaning of Zerah in the Bible?

Zerah or Zérach (זֶרַח‎ / זָרַח‎‎ “sunrise” Standard Hebrew Zéraḥ / Záraḥ, Tiberian Hebrew Zéraḥ / Zāraḥ) refers to several different people in the Hebrew Bible. …

Who is the father of Perez?

Is Perez a Scottish name?

Nope. Scottish. … (No, Perez isn’t a typical Scottish last name, but Jimmy does explain how it came to be his in one of the episodes.)

What does Zahra mean?

Muslim: from the Arabic female personal name Zahra’, feminine of Azhar ‘bright’, ‘brilliant’, ‘radiant’. Zahra’ is an epithet of Fatima, daughter of Muhammad. Similar surnames: Zara, Zaher, Laura, Bahri, Sara, Fara, Maura, Bahr, Barra, Kara.

What is the meaning of Zarah?

z(a)-rah. Origin:Hebrew. Popularity:2754. Meaning:princess; radiance.

What does ZEAH mean in Hebrew?

Means “dawning, shining” in Hebrew.

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