Who is the first Bishop of Enugu Diocese?

As a loving father and a spiritual giant, he gave Enugu Diocese a solid spiritual foundation. His leadership inspired enormous growth. Under him, Nsukka Diocese was created in 1991 with Most Rev. Francis Okobo as its first Bishop.

How many Catholic Diocese are there in Enugu State?

Neighboring dioceses are Enugu to the north, Abakaliki to the east, Umuahia to the south and Awka to the west. The total population in the diocese is 600,000, of which 360,000 are Roman Catholic.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Awgu.

Diocese of Awgu Dioecesis Auguensis
Bishop + John Ifeanyichukwu Okoye
Vicar General Very Rev Fr Cyprian Orji

How many bishops do we have in Nigeria?

The church has 14 Provinces in Nigeria, each with an Archbishop.

Bishops in the Church of Nigeria.

Diocese Province Bishop
Diocese of Enugu Province of Enugu Emmanuel O. Chukwuma
Diocese of Enugu North Province of Enugu Sosthenes Eze

How many Catholic Diocese are there in Imo State?

As at 2016, the diocese has 43 missions, 219 lay religious (33 brothers, 186 sisters), and 198 seminarians.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Okigwe.

Diocese of Okigwe Dioecesis Okigwensis
Territory a portion of Imo State
Ecclesiastical province Owerri
Metropolitan Archbishop of Owerri

Who is the best bishop in Nigeria?

Augustine Obiora Akubeze is a Nigerian prelate of the Catholic Church and serves as archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Benin City, as of 2011.

Augustine Obiora Akubeze.

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Styles of Augustine Obiora Akubeze
Religious style Archbishop