You asked: What did the Mormon pioneers eat?

The typical pioneer diet consisted of corn-meal mush, white or navy beans, salt-rising bread, dried fruit (if they had it), and any meat they may get along the trail. Things that packed well like flour or beans were the staples.

What did the pioneers eat for lunch?

About midday, the travelers would stop for their “nooning” rest and meal. Lunch choices could include breakfast leftovers, more beans but now cold and with bacon, bread and crackers, rice and dried beef. A day’s travel ended in the early evening.

What percent of Mormon pioneers died?

Handcart pioneers died at a rate of 4.7 percent, compared to a 3.5 percent mortality rate for pioneers with wagons.

What kind of desserts did pioneers eat?

As for desserts — they were simple, but many and varied. There were apple dump- lings, rice and bread puddings, soft molasses cookies, sugar jumbles, and mincemeat, pumpkin, dried apple, or custard pies. On special occasions we might have lemon pie. It was not necessary to skimp on eggs or milk.

What did pioneers drink out of?

So instead of drinking water, many people drank fermented and brewed beverages like beer, ale, cider, and wine. Children drank something called small beer.

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Why didn’t most pioneers ride in their wagons?

Teams of oxen or mules pulled the wagons along the dusty trail. People didn’t ride in the wagons often, because they didn’t want to wear out their animals. Instead they walked alongside them, getting just as dusty as the animals. The long journey was hard on both people and animals.

Did pioneers eat bear meat?

Pioneer food was often stodgy, plain, or altogether absent. … In summertime or fall, pioneers might feast on bear meat (Laura’s favorite), buffalo, venison, elk, and antelope, unconstrained by the big game laws of the Old World. But in winter, when nothing grew or could be hunted, pioneers were vulnerable.

What hardships did the Mormon pioneers face?

All along the Mormon trail, and during the years that the pioneers traversed this great trek west, hundreds of Saints of all ages, especially the young and elderly, died from hunger, cold, sickness, disease, and exhaustion.

Were all pioneers Mormon?

What was a typical breakfast in 1800?

For breakfast you’d eat either bacon and eggs, cold roast beef or ham or – especially if you were a lady – hot chocolate and a roll with butter, or tea and toast.

Did pioneers eat rice?

Rice. An incredibly easy grain to store and cook, rice was popular among travelers on the trail. Pioneers could quickly whip up a large batch to feed their families, or they could take time to cook a more complex meal with meats, vegetables and spices found along the way.

Did pioneers eat chocolate?

Ration: a fixed amount of food for each soldier in an army.

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On occasion, pioneers did have access to chocolate, but it isn’t like chocolate you have today. It was bitter tasting, but was mixed with sugar to make sweet. So, pioneers did drink hot chocolate… watch the video to see how it was made.