Your question: What does a church custodian do?

Church custodians clean and handle basic repairs for all public-facing areas area of the church, including the sanctuary, bathrooms, meeting areas, and offices. These workers may also be known as church janitors or parish custodians.

What is the meaning of church custodian?

The church custodian is responsible for keeping the church clean and tidy between events, services, and various church activities. The job description of a church custodian describes the many duties needed to keep the church looking pristine and orderly at all times.

What is the difference between a janitor and a custodian?

2 answers. In general, a custodian is someone who takes care of or is in charge of the same building or property at any given time of the day. A janitor comes to a location specifically to clean at a set time, typically either morning or nighttime.

What skills do you need to be a custodian?

Many custodial and janitorial roles require you to have a basic knowledge of cleaning procedures and supplies.

Cleaning skills

  • Operating cleaning equipment like floor buffers.
  • Safe use of chemicals.
  • Sanitation and disinfect.
  • Washing, waxing and polishing floors.
  • Dusting, sweeping and vacuuming.

Do custodians do maintenance?

A custodian may assist with building maintenance, paint rooms, and perform light repair work on various pieces of equipment. To work as a custodian, you may need some additional training in plumbing, electrical working, or painting.

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What is another name for custodian?

What is another word for custodian?

caretaker curator
warden porter
keeper doorman
gatekeeper guardian
doorkeeper watchman

What is a church cleaner called?

Sexton, church custodian charged with keeping the church and parish buildings prepared for meetings, caring for church equipment, and performing related minor duties such as ringing the bell and digging graves.

Is being a custodian a good job?

Being a janitor has its perks: flexible schedules, including opportunities for part-time work, and no formal education requirements. Although janitors with prior experience make more attractive job candidates, it is possible to land a position with little to no experience and then receive on-the-job training.

What does a custodian clean?

Custodians spend their days picking up trash, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, or using industrial cleaning equipment to clean floors, cleaning and stocking bathrooms, making sure buildings are secure, cleaning windows, and minor building maintenance and repairs.

How can I be a good custodian?

16 Amazing Janitorial Cleaning Tips Straight from Other…

  1. Manage the energy you use. …
  2. Provide sanitizers throughout the office. …
  3. Finishing floors is an art as much as a science. …
  4. Use a Neutral (ph7) cleaner for floors. …
  5. Break the routine, especially in restrooms. …
  6. Encouraging filing as you go.

How do you describe a custodian on a resume?


  • Prepare facility for daily operations including opening doors, raising flags and sweeping and shoveling.
  • Perform sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and scrubbing.
  • Waxed floors and cleaned windows.
  • Safely operated and maintained cleaning machinery.
  • Ensured correct use of cleaning chemicals and agents.